The following are the alumni who have predeceased us. If you look on the Alumni pages, you will see there are quite a few of our classmates with whom we have lost contact. We feel some of those missing alumni may have passed on. If you have any information about those missing classmates, please contact your REUNION COMMITTEE. We need your help to keep our records up to date.

  • Vestal ,Marilyn E – Shockey
    Vestal ,Marilyn E – Shockey
    Date of Birth » 02/08/1942 Date of Death » 01/23/2015
  • Walker ,Carole Sue Reed
    Walker ,Carole Sue Reed
    Date of Birth » 01/09/1943 Date of Death » 08/05/2015
  • Waneck ,James Edward
    Waneck ,James Edward
    Date of Birth » 03/30/1941 Date of Death » 02/14/2000
  • Weatherspoon ,Annette
    Weatherspoon ,Annette
    Date of Birth » 10/21/1941 Date of Death » 11/24/1992
  • Weiss ,Sharron K – Longmire
    Weiss ,Sharron K – Longmire
    Date of Birth » 11/09/1942 Date of Death » 09/03/2017
  • Wester ,Brooks H
    Wester ,Brooks H
    Date of Birth » 8/9/1942 Date of Death » 10/25/1999
  • Whitley ,Diane
    Whitley ,Diane
    Date of Birth » 10/22/1941 Date of Death » 07/21/1992